Eva Proudman AIT, a much sought after British Hair Loss Specialist and Trichologist, has been working with Rapture Hair extensions to continually develop their education and products to ensure that clients experience no damage to hair or scalp.  This makes Rapture the very best hair extensions for client’s who are suffering from hair loss and scalp conditions

Eva’s passion to provide a cosmetic solution for hair loss sufferers has spread across to Ireland where Liam Byrne from Peter Mark Salons has used Rapture Hair Extensions to cover Ophiasic Alopecia Areata.  We believe that these before and after pictures speak for themselves.  

Eva explains why Rapture are the perfect cosmetic solution for people who are experiencing Ophiasic Alopecia Areata:

What is Ophiasic Alopecia Areata?

When Alopecia Areata has a marginal form it is considered to be Ophiasic.  This type of Alopecia forms along the back of the head in a band, from the occipital down into the nape.

How long does it last?

This type of alopecia has a poor prognosis, supportive treatments can be tried, but generally, there is little or no recovery from the loss.

What can sufferers expect to happen?

With Ophiasic Areata the condition can progress to Totalis and Universalis, it is unpredictable as it is an autoimmune condition.

‘Rapture Hair Extensions are ideal as they can be applied to healthy un-affected hair, (always make sure this is done at consultation), the Raptures will cover the loss area and blend really well.  The Rapture system of hair extensions will not damage your hair so long as a full consultation takes place to ensure that your hair and scalp is suitable for hair extensions, they are applied by a Trained Rapture Salon and maintained every 4 – 6 weeks.  The Rapture Extensions work on the natural fall of the hair providing no tension at all, they can be worn for a special occasion or as a daily solution and are easy to maintain, behaving just like your own hair’