The dedicated range of Rapture Hair Care Products have been designed to work in harmony with Rapture Hair Extensions and your clients own hair, we always recommend that these products are used as the basis of your hair care regime.

Our products have undergone a re-brand and re-formulation making them even better for your own hair and hair extensions. They are available in salon back wash sizes and retail sizes too. Check them out here on our website or give us a call to find out more.

Rapture Hair Care ProductsRapture Shampoo

This specially formulated shampoo will keep your own hair and rapture extensions in tip top condition. The shampoo is gentle on the hair leaving it clean and shiny every time.

Rapture Conditioning Cream

This luxurious cream will nourish and condition your own hair and rapture extensions. The cream will smooth the cuticles leaving your hair soft, shiny and silky to the touch.

A real hero product that can be left in when your hair needs a boost of moisture.

Rapture Intensive Shampoo

This shampoo is designed for salon use only.

The special formulation will ensure that the hair is fully cleansed, removing all trace of product ready for Rapture Hair Extensions to be applied.

Rapture Detangler

Keeps hair tangle free, easy to comb, brush and style.

Rapture Solvent

Rapture Solvent – the only way to remove Rapture Hair Extensions.