Rapture A love affair with beautiful hair

Rapture A love affair with beautiful hair

Women across the world understand that when their hair is beautiful, they look and feel their best. It is commonly known that when a woman feels that she has gorgeous hair, it gives her a hidden power, a shot of confidence and a boost in self-esteem.

The Amore collection by Rapture captures the modern woman’s desire for beautiful, healthy, glossy hair that is full of vitality. Rapture give every woman the freedom to achieve the hair of their dreams instantly and without compromise.

Rapture A love affair with beautiful hair

For the girl who loves to be desirable. Whether it’s the guys in the office, the boys at the bar, the woman shopping in Harvey Nics or her very own glam-squad, everyone stops and stares at this girl. She’s the 20 something that is devoted to shoes, handbags and shopping, she holidays in luxury destinations partying on white sandy beaches through the night and spends weekends enjoying tipples in top city bars. This girl’s lifestyle demands that her look is absolutely polished yet oh-so-effortless and current! Her PT works her hard, her social circle expect nothing but the finest and she can often feel the pressure of constantly having to wow!

Her life is social chaos and the demand for her to look effortlessly fabulous at all times is immense. Rapture hair extensions are super-natural (ok…so who needs to know that her luscious locks are faux) and in the case of hair extensions, they are also seriously low maintenance.

Judgement day is every day in her social circles so Rapture’s highest quality human hair is essential to ensure her look is polished and super-luxe. Rapture offer an instant colour update without causing any damage to the hair so as the seasonal trends update, so does her hair.

Effortless glamour is her middle name and investment pieces are key. This girl needs to know that her hair will continue to look healthy and well conditioned for the duration so that her ‘look good’ budget can be blown on shoes, bags and fabulous holidays in between!

Whilst she loves to indulge in the must-have beauty treatments and essential maintenance, her time can be limited in the run up to a special event. She delights in the fact that her extension application is completed painlessly within one hour and of course is charmed by the luxury hair salon that supplies her with her Raptures.


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10th August 2017