This look makes a stylish and sophisticated yet effortlessly charming and irresistibly feminine statement. This woman is unique, she has her own individual, slightly chic-bohemian style. She has tonnes of girlfriends, she’s enviously positive, kind, caring and has an awesome pma (positive mental attitude). Why wouldn’t you want to be her BFF? She’s passionate about looking and feeling good! She eats healthily, adores her daily yoga and piyo classes and chats mindfulness to her inner circle over a super-food lunch. This woman works hard to be healthy and natural and her friends, family and colleagues are totally envious of her beautiful skin, super white teeth and ridiculous thick locks that are oh-so-glossy and full of vitality!

Shhhhh…..if only they knew!

Why she chooses Rapture?

Never one seen to be self-indulging, a one-hour session in the salon is absolutely within reason. Rapture hair extensions are expertly applied within one hour.

Her passion for natural, healthy options is perfect to adopt Raptures no damage, ethically sourced philosophy.

Her hair is her hidden secret and Rapture’s system looks so natural when applied, you will completely forget that you have them. They can remain her hidden secret.

She loves to wear her hair up and with Rapture’s system there are no boundaries.


Posted on

10th August 2017