For this look it’s all about making a subtle and charming statement! She’s the modern woman who wants to express her fashion-forward individuality and niche style whilst conforming to the elegance of a high flying executive. She begins her day early, she dashes from the school run to the boardroom and often her healthy hair-superfood eating lifestyle is disrupted. Her evenings vary: whether she’s delivering a speech at a women in business event, entertaining clients, transporting her mini-me’s to every option of after-school club available or dining with her girls, this woman wants to make an impression and look her best on every occasion!

Why she chooses Rapture?

Her days are hectic and chaotic – she couldn’t possibly spend 4 hours in a salon having her extensions applied so loves Rapture’s commitment to transform her hair within one hour.

In her crazy, non-stop world, a dash to the salon every 6-8 weeks to touch up on colour and have her extensions retaped is actually a guilty pleasure that she just couldn’t live without. She treats herself to a relaxing and therapeutic intense hair treatment and massage because once in awhile, she knows she completely deserves a little me-time!

Subtle is her middle name and she would hate the yummy mummys, the office clique or the boys in the boardroom to view her as anything but effortlessly polished. Rapture’s super-natural, virtually undetectable extensions system can stay her hidden, healthy-hair secret.

She is a firm believer that healthy hair is more beautiful so the opportunity to have stunning balayage without the damaging effects of lightning her hair is a must. She loves that her balayage colours are added in and do not strip colour from her natural hair.


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10th August 2017