Rapture’s consultant trichologist, Eva Proudman AIT, was invited to host a presentation at The National Trichology Congress at 2017’s Salon International on Sunday 15th October.  

Eva shared her extensive knowledge and countless case studies to an audience of trichologists, hair salon owners and stylists who are keen to understand how they can integrate Hair Loss Services and Systems into their salon businesses.  The crowd listened and participated in the hour-long seminar that focussed on the introduction of Hair Loss Services into the salon; the different systems available to support clients who are experiencing a variety of hair loss issues; and factual evidence that supports the desperate need for more hairdressers to introduce Hair Health Clinics across the UK and Ireland.

Eva spoke of how there are over 6 Million People suffering from hair loss or scalp issues, she outlined the fact that Professional Hair Loss services and solutions in salon are almost impossible to find and presented astonishing statistics relating to a dramatic increase in client loyalty and spend from those clients who have been introduced to a salon that offers professional Hair Loss Services.  

Rapture Hair, Postiche Light Volumising Systems and a variety of bespoke and ‘off-the-peg’ wigs were passed around the audience as Eva explained in detail the features and benefits of using different solutions: she discussed the prices associated with each system, the ease of application, the level of comfort for the client as well as the quality and longevity of each individual system.

After the event, Eva spoke to the Banbury team and explained ‘for me, the conference was about building awareness of the opportunities that the Hair Loss industry has for salon owners and stylists.  There is a desperate need for more industry professionals to take this forever growing problem more seriously and invest in education in order to meet the needs of their existing and potential client base’  She continued ‘Hair Health is certainly not going to disappear and as a trichologist I meet far too many clients who feel there is such limited access to support and information on how to face the prospect of losing their hair’

It became more apparent throughout Eva’s presentation that there are many solutions that can prevent and reverse loss but sadly without the support of educated hairdressers, more and more people will suffer the trauma unnecessarily.

Eva delivers the only recognised training course in the UK for those who want to provide hair loss services via their hairdressing business and holds regular clinics at Banbury Postiche.

Eva’s last seminar of the year is in Chelmsford on the 13th of November, details are:
Best Western Ivy Hill Hotel
Writtle Road