Rapture Hair Extensions

For naturally beautiful hair it just has to be Rapture.

Rapture Hair Extensions

Revolutionary extension products that are easy to use, deliver sensational results, are great for your business and for your customers too… it has to be Rapture™!


Rapture Hair Extensions offer a world of
versatility and creativity with something
to suit every client and every budget.

Rapture Hair Extensions

Revolutionary Extensions

Rapture Hair Extensions the only hair extensions that are ultra-easy to use, deliver sensational results and are great for your business and your clients too … when choosing hair extensions it has to be Rapture!

Rapture Training

Rapture Training has been specially developed by hairdressers, for hairdressers. We offer training in your own salon, at our head office in Oxfordshire, at our Academy in Hertfordshire, and in salon or at our academy in Scotland.

Rapture is so easy to use, follow 3 easy steps … and that’s all there is to it!

Rapture Hair Extensions Hair

Hair Care Products

The dedicated range of Rapture Hair Care Products have been designed to work in harmony with Rapture Hair Extensions and your clients own hair, we always recommend that these products are used as the basis of your hair care regime.

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Rapture Hair Extensions Length
Rapture Hair Extensions Volume
Rapture Hair Extensions Style
Rapture Hair Extensions

Developed with today’s increasingly demanding clients and their busy lifestyles in mind, Rapture’s rapid extension technology delivers a full head of natural looking hair in under 60 minutes.

Great to cut and simple to style, these inspirational products open up a world of creative opportunity. What’s more, compared with traditional systems, the speed of application makes them far more affordable for customers… creating even more profit for you.

Backed by the UK’s longest established wig manufacturer and founded on over a decade of research and development, it’s the patented adhesive formula and ultrafine application strips that make Rapture unique. As there’s no need for special tools, the system can be used almost anywhere, making it equally ideal for salon use, photo-shoots, theatre and location filming.

Each pack of Rapture contains everything you need to create great looking hair. So, once you’ve added your creativity and skill, you’ll instantly begin delighting clients with styles that make them look sensational at a price they’ll adore.

What’s more, Rapture extensions can be removed and repeatedly reapplied, making them unbeatable value for money.

Training Kits including a full head of 10″ hair extensions and complimentary one day training for one member of staff just £399 including VAT.

Please note that Rapture is only sold to qualified hairdressers who have completed a minimum qualification of NVQ Level 2 or equivalent.

Rapture Hair Extensions – the only hair extensions that are ultra-easy to use, deliver sensational results and are great for your business and your clients too.

For naturally beautiful hair it just has to be Rapture.

Nick Malenko - Royston Blythe Salons

“I Just love Rapture Hair Extensions for their ease and speed of application. The hair quality is just superb and the fact that they last and can be re-used time and time again really delights our clients.”

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